A b o u t

Here’s a little bit about me! Hope you enjoy.

I love to look at blogs, vlogs (video blogs), Pinterest, and my family cookbooks for ideas for my blog. My favorite blogs would be The Pioneer Woman because she is amazing and cool and you should definitely go check her cookbooks, website, and her tv show! She is an amazing woman and definitely talented. xoxo

When I work on my blog and anything else I listen on NEEDTOBREATHE (check them out!) I have been a NTB (abbreviation for their name) fan for about… almost for years and only been to one of their shows and it was amazing. P.s. Tour de Compadres is this fall go buy tickets when they come out. fullsizeoutput_9

I also like to type stories even though none are finished and the most I’ve typed on a story was forty-seven pages. I type things that inspire me and hopefully if I publish will inspire you.

Other hobbies: art (mainly pencil sketches), singing, playing piano, attempting to write songs, cooking (duh), finding concerts, photography, gymnastics, snuggling with animals, shooting bow and arrow, and being me! A few things I don’t like is pop music, war, messy rooms, people who chew with mouths open, dirty kitchens/dishes.

I really do hope you like this blog. Refer me to a friend I would love the shout out. I love to talk with you guys, hear your questions, and know what you would like more on this blog!

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